You’ve likely heard of Gold Plated, Gold Vermeil and Gold Filled Jewelry, but may not be familiar with what they mean, or which may be the best for you.  You can use the guide below to help you choose the right pieces for you (or for gifts)! 

Gold Plated

What Is It? A thin layer of gold deposited and bonded over another metal. 

Who Should Wear It? Those who are trend-setters who like to show off new styles, without spending a ton!

What should be avoided? Heavy daily wear; wear by those with sensitivities to certain metals; wear in water or while exercising, as it is not water or perspiration-resistant.  Gold plated jewelry may tarnish after time, but tarnishing will occur more quickly if it comes into contact with water, sweat, other chemicals (including lotions, etc.).

How Should it be Cleaned? Gently clean with a soft, dry cloth.  Do not use jewelry cleaners or any other liquids. When not wearing, store in your AG pouch or other jewelry-designated area.

Why We Love It: Gold-plated jewelry allows us to keep our accessory wardrobe fresh - season after season, style after style - all without spending a ton!

Gold Vermeil (pronounced vehr-may)

What Is It? A layer of gold 2.5 microns thick deposited and bonded over a sterling silver base.

Who Should Wear It? Those who love to keep up with the latest trends without breaking the bank; those who have sensitivities to certain metals (other than sterling silver).

What Should Be Avoided? Gold Vermeil is not water/perspiration resistant, so if you like to wear your jewelry 24/7, it may show wear sooner than later.

How Should it be Cleaned? Clean with a soft, dry cloth - avoiding use of liquids and jewelry cleaners. When not wearing, store in your AG pouch or other jewelry-designated area.

Why We Love It: Gold vermeil helps us keep up with the current styles - and with less risk of skin sensitivity issues.

Gold Filled

What Is It? A Substantial layer (at least 5%) layer of 14 Karat gold by weight over another metal (like brass).

Who Should Wear It? Those who enjoy both trends and classic styles, and don’t mind spending a little more to have higher-end pieces that will hold up to heavier daily wear.

What Should Be Avoided? While it is water and perspiration-resistant, frequent wear during workouts, showers, swims, etc. should be avoided to better extend the life of the jewelry.

How Should it be Cleaned? Gently clean with a mild soap and damp (water) cloth.  Avoid using jewelry cleaners as well as abrasive cloths (paper towels, beach towels, t-shirts, etc.), as these may cause scuffs and scratches.  For frequent wear, especially if wear includes contact with lotion/personal care products on skin, cleaning more often is recommended.

Why We Love It: Gold Filled gives the look and feel of luxury, while being more affordable than its solid gold counterpart. It resists tarnishing and chipping as well, so it has a bit more durability.