Is the Peloton bike worth it? My honest review 2020

peloton bike review by alexandra gioia

Every time I post something on Instagram (@AlexandraGioia) Peloton related I always get a bunch of questions so I created a blog post and hope to answer everything there.  

The Peloton Bike is by far my favorite quarantine purchase - and there have been a lot! When my hubby asked if I wanted a Peloton for Christmas I kindly declined. I always thought I needed to be around others to be motivated to workout. 

When our gym closed due to Covid back in March I said I would give it a try. I have never taken a single cycling class in my life.  We’ve had our bike now for 4 months and I am completely hooked! It’s just too convenient to not ride almost everyday. I love that I can jump on the bike for whatever time period I have to workout. Even if it’s just 20 minutes, I get a good sweat sesh in and feel like I’m ready to tackle Mom life + run my jewelry business with a clear head knowing I did something for me!  

You can pick your ride based on class length and whatever music you’re feeling that day. The more I like the music, the harder I push myself.  I tend to gravitate towards Cody Rigsby’s classes because his pop picks are just too good and I love his dancing. He always has me laughing by myself in the garage (where we keep our bike). 😂 My other go-to’s are Emma Lovewell - I love her Listening Parties where she introduces new music and shares a little backstory of each Artist. Since I’m usually listening to kids music these are great!


Robin Arzon is also a fave. All the classes have positive messaging woven through the class and you get off the bike feeling empowered! 

Speaking of positive messaging, here’s Emma Lovewell wearing a custom bracelet stack we created just for her. Her trademarked mantra Live Learn Lovewell is on one of the bracelets and her kittys name on the other.

emma lovewell peloton alexandra gioia bracelet set

alexandra gioia live learn lovewell bracelet emma lovewell

Hannah Marie Corbin has incredible cycling classes and she always makes sure you’re stretching to give your body that extra does of love it needs. She’s wearing a custom bracelet set with her “Did you stretch tho” saying along with two Gold Ball Beaded Bracelets we made just for her. 

hannah marie corbin peloton barre class

If you don’t have a bike they have awesome HIIT workouts, strength training, yoga, meditation and dance cardio classes on the App. The Peloton Digital Membership is only $12.99/mo. Before our bike was delivered I took all the dance classes first. It brought me back to such a fun time in my life when I was a dancer + the choreography is cute, not cheesy. 

I linked my favorite things Peloton/activewear related in my Amazon Shop. The most difficult thing for me to find were the right shoes! I literally had to send 3 pairs of shoes back to Amazon because the sizing was so off. So you need these clips that get screwed into the bottom of your shoe + these are the shoes I wear. I ordered 2.5 sizes up. I’m usually a 7/7.5 and I have the 40.5. When you order the bike, 1 pair of shoes are included. 

The Peloton has really kept me sane during the Covid Pandemic and I can’t recommend it enough! I really look forward to the classes-the choices are endless! If you have any questions before purchasing your bike, please don’t hesitate to ask. Use my code for $100 off Accessories! DQ8SN4
See you on the leaderboard! AlexandraGioia


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