32 Week Bumpdate

I thought I would share a little bumpdate at 32 weeks preggers! This pregnancy is completely flying by before my eyes and haven't done as good of a job documenting it with photos as I did with my first pregnancy but that's what happens when your world is your 23 month old! Thankfully one of my sweet friends @judylennoxphotography offered to take me to this magical flower garden, Flower Emporium in West Palm Beach and take a few photos. 

This will most likely be my last pregnancy so I'm trying to remember what all the movement feels like in my belly. Most of it is sweet and I love trying to guess what limb is poking through my belly. Some of his moves make me jump. I feel him in my pelvis which is the weirdest sensation. Also, lightning crotch - have you heard of it?! Well I get that too!

He got the hiccups for the first time a few weeks ago and seems to get them after I eat or drink something sweet. My favorite has been Silk's Protein Chocolate Nut Milk - have you tried it?! It's available at my local Fresh Market and has 10 grams of protein, doesn't have a ton of sugar and I want to drink the whole carton!

This little boy is a low rider and definitely sitting on my bladder! I literally have to run to the bathroom every few minutes! I could tell you where every bathroom is located in northern Palm Beach County! I know I'll miss having this little belly when it's gone but I'm also looking forward to fitting into my clothes again and sleeping a little more comfortably and by sleeping I mean napping at night. I've been living in dresses these days because anything with a waist band just makes me have to run to the bathroom even more. These two dresses (Floral + Citrus) are non-maternity and super comfy. I paired them with our new Floral + Pearl Drop Earrings and lots of Druzy and Arden Gemstone Bracelets.

I know I'll soon forget what life was like without him so I'm trying to remember what life is like right now. Olivia being the center of attention all the time and scheduling life around her, her naps, requests, etc. I love taking her on little adventures each day. She has taught me to be a little more laid back and that it's ok to go with the flow. One day we might have plans to do something and something else comes up like rain or a cold and we just have to roll with it. Splitting my attention between two babes and my hubby will be a huge adjustment but as one sweet mama told me, you're teaching her that the world doesn't revolve around her.

We still haven't decided on his name but we know we have a deadline quickly approaching. My hubby keeps offering to fill out the birth certificate and surprise me with his pick. Nice try babe! Most importantly we can't wait to meet and hold this little man. I've forgotten what it feels like to hold a squishy newborn so I'm really looking forward to that. I keep trying to picture what he will look like. Maybe he'll look like a boy version of Olivia or maybe he'll look like he's from another family. :) 

Mama, Dada and your big sis Olivia are so excited to welcome you into our family sweet boy!


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