With a busy holiday season approaching, Alexandra Gioia is hiring Sales Reps to expand into new markets and give customers more locations to shop Alexandra Gioia Jewelry in person!

How You’ll Be Paid
The commission structure is listed below and based off the total order amount. You will receive a commission check on a monthly basis. The more you sell the more money goes into your pocket!
$0-$499 = 10% Commission
$500-$999 = 12% Commission
$1,000+ = 15% Commission 

What You’ll Receive
A Sample Set containing samples of our jewelry in each category so potential customers can see the quality and try on our pretties.

Our Alexandra Gioia Catalog. This baby contains each piece of jewelry we offer, style inspo imagery, and our order form.

Who to Reach Out To
We want to focus on locations carrying brands that would pair well with our jewels. You can view where we're currently being carried here. Think a little more Anthropologie-esque and a little less Forever XXI. Apparel & Accessory Boutiques, Gift & Home Boutiques, Resorts, Spas, etc.

Tips on Chatting with Busy Boutique Owners
Keep it short and sweet!

Reach out via social media, phone call or email to set up an appointment with the buyer or owner. You want to be sure you get in front of the decision maker. 

Sample pitch: Hi xx. I’m a rep for Alexandra Gioia. Her handcrafted jewelry line would pair perfectly with the lines you carry! Wholesale prices range from $11-$44. May I email you our line sheets? OR May I stop in this week to show you our sample set?

Follow up is key! Boutique owners are constantly being pitched with new lines so make sure you follow up a few days after you’ve sent over line sheets...but don't become a stalker. :)

If you go into the boutique, be sure to wear something that highlights all the jewelry you’ll be wearing! This will give them ideas on how to style the jewels!

How to Take Orders & Payment
All orders will be written down or typed out on our order form. Jot down the credit card info (cc number, expiration, cc type, billing zip & cv code) on the order form. Email all order forms to hello@alexandragioia.com and I will process all the billing. 

Orders can be placed in person or via email.

AG Minimums + Shipping Info
All Wholesale opening orders have a $250 minimum & $150 reorder minimum.
Jewels will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail
Turnaround time is 2-4 weeks

Time Frame 
If you're unable to secure a sale within three months of receiving our Sample Set, no hard feelings but we will ask that the pretties be sent back. 

Other Tidbits
Update your social media accounts to read, “Rep for Alexandra Gioia”

You're not limited to selling in the area of where you live. Feel free to contact other boutiques!

When talking about the line, you can convey my story listed here. I never try to be a bigger company than I am. People love learning that because of this small business I am able to be a stay at home Mom and make the jewelry out of my home studio in Jupiter, Fl. 

Thank you for your interest in spreading the jewel love!